Oil/Gas Condensate Well Stimulation for Enhancing Oil and Natural Gas Recovery

General Well Data

Data required to design well stimulation procedure by Sattarov's method

  1. Date (month, year) of putting the well into operation.

  2. Maximum production rate attained and the duration of such production rate.

  3. Date (month, year) of bringing the well to minimum production rate.

  4. Date (month, year) of taking a well out of operation.

  5. Bottom hole depth.

  6. Perforated interval data. Length to bottom hole below the perforated section.

  7. Geophysical logging data (if available), primarily Acoustic Cement Bond Log.

  8. Whether tubing is available, its internal diameter. The depth of tubing shoe (distance to tubing end). If a deep well pump is installed, it must be dismantled.

  9. Type of formation rock.

  10. Distance from productive stratum to water-bearing bed (if available).

  11. Dynamic level of fluid.

  12. Productivity factor (initial and current).

  13. Formation pressure.

  14. Formation temperature.

  15. Formation porosity.

  16. Formation permeability.

  17. Main physical and chemical properties of oil (gas condensate): density, contents of asphaltenes, resins and paraffins.

  18. Current capacity of oil reservoir at present; wellhead pressure when water is being injected. In case of lack of capacity of oil reservoir a re-perforating should be done.

  19. Date of the last well work-over, whether acid formation treatment was done or not.

NOTE: more data may be required depending on well behavior, specific character of producing formation and client's specific order.