Oil/Gas Condensate Well Stimulation for Enhancing Oil and Natural Gas Recovery

A new procedure to enhance oil production has been developed by M. Sattarov. The offered method was successfully tested on oil and gas fields of the Russian Federation.

The stimulation technology by Sattarov

  • A high pressure is made by micro-charges of explosives placed to the well under pressure of working fluid and fired in the perforation interval. The impact of consequently blast wave and depression wave to formation zone of bottom-hole induces increased oil inflow to the well often allowing to restore the oil output of low-production and abandoned wells. The casing of the well remains intact;

  • The procedure is carried out on each particular well as per an individual plan;

  • A number of explosions in a well is 4-6; more if necessary;

  • Duration of the procedure depends on a well depth and amounts to 0.5-4 days.

General Well Data
Equipment And Materials

Process diagramAdvantages of stimulation technology by Sattarov

  • Highly effective removal of heavy oil fractions (asphaltenes, resins and paraffins) that are often among main reasons of oil recovery decline while other conditions being the same;

  • Highly effective removal of residual mud and fine mechanical impurities from bottom hole zone;

  • Significant reduction of cost if compared to traditional HF procedures. The offered procedure requires only one geophysical team and a part of a maintenance team, cementing equipment and conventional explosives;

  • The use of small quantities of explosive (around 10-150 g per meter of well perforation interval);

  • Essential reduction of procedure time if compared to hydraulic fracturing;

  • Proppant-free operation;

  • Universality relative to rock and thickness of the formation;

  • No mechanical damage of the well and cement layer;

  • Recovery of wells having been abandoned due to their low output;

  • Significant increase in oil recovery within a reached reservoir sweep;

  • Possibility of repeated application on the same well;

  • High selectivity allowing to exclude water inflow to the oil formation;

  • Seasonal and geographical independence;

  • The stimulation procedure can be used for increasing well intake capacity for industrial waste water, for cleaning bottom hole zone and water wells and for increasing water well output.


  • Stimulation procedure application is limited only by formation temperature (not higher than 250C).

Field application:

The stimulation technology by Sattarov was tested on the fields with carbonate and terrigenous strata of the South Ural (NGDU Ishimbaineft), West Siberia (the former NGDU Priobneft, TPP Langepasneftegas and OAO Surgutneftegas), Central Asia (the former GPU Shurtangas and PO Turkmengazprom), Kuban region (Maikop UDTG OOO Kubangazprom). Well output by oil was increased from 0.0-1.9 to 12.6-151.2 bpd and by gas from 0.0 to 39000 m3/d.

The technology application at oil&gas fields of Russia has proved to be highly efficient.

The technology is patented in the Russian Federation (Patent No. 2071557).