Oil/Gas Condensate Well Stimulation for Enhancing Oil and Natural Gas Recovery

Equipment And Materials

for oil well stimulation by exploding small quantities of explosives of blasting type by Sattarov's method

  1. One geophysical team with a complete set of equipment (additional items are likely to be specified when consideration is being given to a specific well).

  2. A part of work-over crew.

  3. Drilling rig or unit of A-50 type.

  4. Lubricator (or a special seal) complete with a seal designed for working pressure no less than 15.0 MPa (150 kgf/cm2).

  5. Cementing unit (1-2 units depending on capacity of oil reservoir) designed for working pressure no less than 30.0 MPa.

  6. Working fluid intended for hydraulic fracturing (any low-viscosity fluid, density not exceeding 1.15 g/cm3). Its volume depends on capacity of reservoir and the number of well stimulation treatments.

  7. Tank truck to provide operations with working fluid at the rate of no less than 6-8 m3 per 3.0-5.0 hr intervals (depending on hole depth and capacity of reservoir).

  8. Working fluid tank - no less than for 10 m3.

  9. Detonating cords (primacords) corresponding to thermobaric conditions of perforated section of the well (their amount is defined by the availability of primacord types and required number of cord torpedoes intended for stimulation procedures in a given well, primacord specifications are required).

  10. Electrical caps or explosive cartridges corresponding to thermobaric conditions of the well (their number is defined by the number of primacord torpedoes intended for stimulation procedure in a given well).

  11. Surfactants of ionic or nonionic type, 30-50 kg.

NOTE: the duration of well stimulation operations depends on hole depth, rock properties and reservoir productivity and takes 0.5 to 5 days (generally, not exceeding 1.5-2.0 days).