Preformed Wire Packing (PWP) of Panchenkov

Developed by JSC Tupolev

PWP General Specification
(depending on packing density)


Stainless formed wire net. Steel grade: 12H18N10T (Russia)

Contact surface, m2/m3


Free volume (porosity), %


Height equivalent to theoretical tray, cm


Hydraulic resistance, mm Hg per 1 m height


Packing density depending on process at snake-like winding, kg/m3


Packing density depending on process at spiral winding kg/m3


When using PWP the height of mass exchange part of distillation columns (fractionators) can be reduced by 5-6 times. This allows to perform a highly efficient reconstruction of these columns and makes Panchenkov packing indispensable for small size units of oil and gas crude processing.

At request of Customer the ready modules with Panchenkov PWP can be supplied or PWP only.

The equipment available also allows to manufacture PWP made of various metals and plastics.

The special designs of mass exchange modules based on PWP have been developed and tested. These easy-to-install modules provide:

  • Highly efficient removal of liquid drops from gases under a linear flow velocity which is greately higher then the one in industrial demisters: for hydrocarbon gases up to 3-4 m/s, for H2-rich gases up to 16-22 m/s;
  • Highly efficient absorptive cleaning both process and tail gases;
  • Gas dehydration of jet, diesel fuels and liquid components in petrochemical and chemical technological processes up to residual water content within 0.0002-0.005 % wt;
  • Increase in phase separation rate in three-phase separators (gas condensate-water-gas);
  • Considerable increase in gravity sedimentation rate of fuel, gas condensate and oil from water up to water residual content of 0.02-0.20 %wt;
  • Decrease in hydrocarbon loss with drainage water up to hydrocarbon residual content in water less than 9-12 mg/L;
  • Highly efficient stabilization of light petroleum products and gas condensate;
  • Highly efficient light petroleum product fractionation with an increase in performance of fractionation columns and decrease in energy consumption by 15-30%;
  • Recovery of H2S from condensate, oil and waste water by gas blowing method;
  • Cost efficient catalytic production of oxygen-containing products of petrochemical synthesis;
  • Hydrotreating of gasoline fractions to remove sulfuric components;
  • Highly efficient production of syngas and hydrogen by steam conversion of methane.

The use of Panchenkov PWP in the equipment of conditioning and processing oil and natural gas considerably improves cost efficiency.